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Angel & Angela

Shop | Simple Fruit 4oz Berry Blend

Shop | Simple Fruit 4oz Berry Blend

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Good Nutrition is Easy Squeezy! Made with fresh-picked, locally grown blueberries and strawberries, Angel & Angela® puree blends allow you to enjoy all the benefits of nature’s goodness from anywhere. No artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or additives. No soy, dairy, or preservatives. No blender, prep or clean up. It’s simply 100% whole local fruit blended into a soft hug of hydrating nutrition. Enjoy each 4oz squeeze of goodness just as it is, or added into your favorite recipe, drink or yogurt. 

Simple Ingredient Genius

Our ingredient list is kept simple on purpose. In this, you can check a lot of boxes! Our purees are free from artificial ingredients, with no sugar added. Through simple genius, our goal is to help make good nutrition easy squeezy!

Good for People & the Planet

Angel & Angela® purées help cultivate healthy outcomes for people and planet. The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, meeting 5-a-day recommendations continue to be clear. When combined with fruit sourced from wholesome local farms, Angel & Angela® purées help support a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

A Hug of Nutrients

Our purées use a novel processing technology that elevates food safety while at the same time, protects sensitive nutrients that can often degrade with other processing and sterilization methods. Validated with third-party testing to retain nutrients, color and flavor, our goal is to bring you fruit with all the flavor and phytonutrient value as tasting it freshly picked.

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Nature on Purpose

“Considering epidemiological studies and trials on humans taking antioxidant compounds, it is evident that the health benefits of phytochemicals and nutrients were observed predominantly when being consumed within their natural food matrices (fruits, vegetables, grain, etc.).”  (Bouayed et al., 2010)

  • Antioxidants in Today's Scientific Discovery

    "Antioxidants have become scientifically interesting compounds due to their many benefits such as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory."

    "As it can be understood from the studies, the daily intake of natural
    antioxidant sources is very important in the prevention of oxidative
    stress, since it has many positive effects on our health." (Zehiroglu et al., J Food Sci Technol. 2019)

  • Addressing our Nutrition Crisis Together

    Advances in nutrition and policy science are now providing a
    road-map for solutions with benefits that include improved well-being, lower health care costs, greater sustainability and reduced disparities. Multiple sectors have important roles including farmers, retailers (supermarkets), restaurants, food manufacturers, worksites, schools, universities, life insurance, media, advocacy groups, and the healthcare sector. (The Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy)