Joyful in hope, Patient in Affliction . . .

Joyful in hope, Patient in Affliction . . .

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” 


Romans 12:12


I want to wake up grateful each morning.


I work to be joyful in my hope:

This can be the most difficult…that spark of hope and joy can be fragile. However, I am so grateful for that spark of hope that continues to guide our family through these many years of treatment. I am also grateful for those moments of joy while being present in the moment.


I pray to be patient in my affliction:

Knowing that good healing takes time and often things must be completely broken in order to mend properly. I pray that the times of pain will encourage me to remember there are warrior medicines on the march, pain from these battles inside my body are victories for me. I am thankful for those who walk this long path alongside me, offering support through meals, rides, and prayer.


I try to be faithful In prayer:

I wake up with prayer. It goes before me, before my feet touch the floor. I meditate upon the blessings. I whisper prayers of Thanksgiving for my children, husband, family, friends, meals, community, my health and wellness that I have beyond the cancer and most importantly for my God that goes before me in all things.


So when I put my feet on that cold dark floor each morning...I stand up a grateful, thankful blessed woman, and I smile for the day ahead. I go to greet the children good morning. But even on the mornings when I am too sick to put those feet on the floor and the children must come hug me in my bed before school...I am still thankful for that moment and those days. Please pray for my continued “Attitude of Gratitude''.


God Bless each of you friends,


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